Friday, December 6, 2013

To know the world media

To know the world media, the men above photo are labors of Zaykabar company of Mr Khin Shwe who is Pyithuhluttaw representative. Mr.Khin Shwe captured the farms of Peasants illegally. Now they are conflict and fighting. The labors holding arms like bamboo sticks and medal sticks. Farmers don't hold armless and only watch.

"The problem between Crony Mr.Khin Shwe and Farmers "

Mr.Khin Shwe is a business man in Myanmar. Now, he is a Pyithuhluttaw representative. The problem between Mr.Khin Shwe and farmers appeared term of elected government.
Era of Junta, many business men(cronies) get the several lands consist of farms and fields as they like illegally. Mr.Khin Shwe complained to build up Industrial Zone. The first he built up Mingalardon Garden City and Mingalardon Royal Garden Golf Course on the tears and sweet and blood of farmers.
The housing department which is a part of Government gave him a permission to make his project about 1480 acres but he captured about 3000 acres illegally. That time all of farmers were afraid of regime of Junta and wielding power.
Now, the farmers know about getting extra farms and they want to take back for their farms. So, they put up government and Hluttsaw committee which concern with farms and other lands. Hluttaw commission enquired investigated the truth and put up again to regular session of the Hulttaw with commission conclusion that is to repay the extra-getting farms of farmers to them.
That time, local governor ordered not to make something in those areas for both sides. But, the clear decision do not appeared from Government or Hluttaw till now. Mr.Khin Shwe and his staffs and followers seize the chance to do that they want. Farmers can do only watch.
On December 6th, the problem and conflict reached high degree between groups of Mr. Khin Shwe and farmers because Mr. Khin Shwe's followers continued their work with ignorance of local governor's order. The condition both sides are nearly fighting as shown in photos. When you look the photos, you can see both sides. Mr. Khin Shwe's followers are holding with bamboo sticks, medal sticks and some equipment . In farmer's side, they hold nothing. Mr. Khin Shwe is the one who above the law and for ordinary citizens, they feel hopeless and helpless.

Nyo Min Lwin (pma)
7th December, 2013.

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